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Licenced and insured.
Acorn Stairlifts
Bruno Stairlifts
Our overhead and mobile lift systems
are ideal in all settings and meet the
highest standards of functionality and
Once you choose
Liko, you will always

Make a difference !
For a smoothstart/smooth-stop action  
ride have an
Acorn Stairlift installed by
our professionals and enjoy areas of your
home that where before unaccessible.
The Superglide 120 is easy to use, no
sudden jerks or jolts and is powered by a
maintenance free, DC power pack, so
your lift still works even when the power
is out.
Stairlift Rail is fitted securely to the stairs
and not the wall.
Providing Atlanta and Georgia with stair lifts, ramps, patient lifts,
chair lifts,  for all your accessibility needs.
Stairlift prices  include installation and after sales service by a    
licenced and insured professional call today for a free estimate!
Remain in your home!
The Electra-Ride III's Inside Turns fit
where most custom stairlifts will not.
Bruno Inside Turns are perfect for the
typical bi-level house, while providing
easy passage through doors and
room entrances. It offers a smooth
ride both up and down stairs and
through turns.
Powered by two 12 volt batteries
continuously charged by a state -
of-the-art, 2-Amp battery charger that
plugs into any 110-volt household
Requires no special wiring
Model VPL-3100
Residential Vertical
Platform Lift